A National Geographic Kit bundle from Bandai UK


Closes: 24th September 2020

Embark on adventures filled with excitement and discovery with the latest STEM educational kits from Bandai UK.

For those with an artistic streak, the National Geographic Crystal Garden Kit blends the science of a crystal-growing lab with the creativity of an art project! Watch how the crystals absorb the ink from the markers and grow in your chosen colours.

A range of Dig Kits and Science Kits are also available in the range, where you can excavate real-life specimens including a Shark Tooth, Dino Fossil, Dino Poop, Real Bugs and Gemstones, plus many more.

Ten lucky winners will win a Bandai National Geographic Bundle, which includes a Real Bug Dig Kit, Crystal Garden, Gem Dig Kit and Mini Dig Kit.

To be in with a chance of winning, just answer this question:

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Suitable for ages 8+ and available from Amazon and Argos.


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fridafluff · 1 week ago

THis is so cool!!

fridafluff · 1 week ago

THis is so cool!

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Amazing prize

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Hope i win

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Interesting prize

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:) i really hope i win this i hope u pick me as your winner please

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i love to science

hanson · 1 week ago

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This looks sooooo cool

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This looks like a cool prize.

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can't wait for the results!!!!