A Maped Helix Bundle


Closes: 13th August 2020

Maped Helix, one of the UK’s leading stationery brands, is giving you the chance to win an exclusive bundle of exciting Color’Peps prizes!

They are perfect for up-and-coming creative geniuses looking to design, draw and create over the summer holidays, and include pretty pastel highlighters in a range of colours, gel pens and fine liners to add a splash of colour to your writing. Also included are the Color’Peps Duo stamp pens with a felt pen and a cool stamp design at each end, and the Color’Peps Glitter pens, perfect for adding sparkle to your pictures.

We have seven Maped Helix bundles up for grabs.


To be in with a chance of winning, just answer this question:

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musky50 · 2 weeks ago

Great prize

pseg · 2 weeks ago


neha2008 · 2 weeks ago


zkpopcorn · 2 weeks ago

First to comment AGAIN

minipig61 · 2 weeks ago

I love to read, write and draw so this bundle is defiantly for me!! I've been so board this summer and would love some new stuff!!

islphil · 2 weeks ago

it look so c00l

adun · 2 weeks ago

First comment!!!

pointpedro · 2 weeks ago

If any one needs help

adun · 2 weeks ago

AMAZING PRIZE. I hope I win this since school is starting in September I will need some supplies. Also helix is one of my favourite brands along with Stabilo as well. I really hope I win good luck everyone. 🗒📃🖌🎨🖊✒🖋✏📝 #fingerscrossed 🤞

adun · 2 weeks ago

I also love to darw. Ever since I was little ive been quite good at it. So these will make my drawings 10x better. I really do hope I win this. Since I still havent won any competitions.

adun1 · 2 weeks ago

This is a FANTASTIC PRIZE!!! My older sister would love this prize I hope I can win it for her

mchardi · 2 weeks ago

AMAZING PRIZE!! This is so useful and so fun to have and use. I am soo EXCITED about this prize!! Good Luck to everyone, you all deserve to win!

adun2 · 2 weeks ago


adun2 · 2 weeks ago

I hope i win this because i really need new colours because all my old ones are broken. My older sister would also really love this prize as she likes drawing. 🖊🎨✒🖋✏📝📃🖌🗒💖😁

cupcakesxo · 2 weeks ago

#First to comment!
P.s I really want to win because I have never won something before

lilacperil · 2 weeks ago

Art Art is in my Heart!! I just love to paint and colour and be creative.

p1neapple1 · 1 week ago

Good luck to everyone entering

bunnyface · 1 week ago

First to comment..

beachgirl · 1 week ago

I really love stationary!

beachgirl · 1 week ago

1st to comment!

flutehorse · 1 week ago

This looks really cool

kevinsausa · 1 week ago

Good luck 🍀😃😸🤣🤞

hanson · 1 week ago

i hope i win

hanson · 1 week ago

i hav'nt won a single competition

ebao · 1 week ago

I like first News!

puzzlepeas · 1 week ago

I'm entering for my sisters birthday that's soon!!!! :)

puzzlepeas · 1 week ago

I'm also the first to comment!!!!

izzymay123 · 1 week ago

I really hope I win and good luck to you guys and I love art 🖼. Good luck 😉

kuhuzoo9 · 1 week ago

Easy win

kuhuzoo9 · 1 week ago

Big prizes though

arya · 1 week ago

I love stationery sooooo much! ✏✒🖋🖊🖌🖍📎📏📐✂
I'm sure whoever wins this will be very happy though! 😊
Good luck everyone!

nightwing · 1 week ago


nightwing · 1 week ago

ps who ever decides who gets prizes please pick me i never win anything

Bevsta111 · 1 week ago

Cool! Done!

tilly08 · 1 week ago

Great 👍🏻 👌👌

sunnysmilz · 1 week ago

#First to comment

sopliu · 1 week ago

I am the first one to post?!
I hope you guys do well too!

cutedolphi · 1 week ago

Really nice stationery to win good luck everyone #first to comment!

shirvia · 1 week ago

First to comment Good luck :3

newschamp1 · 1 week ago

hope i win

sallya10 · 1 week ago

I absolutely can’t believe that I’m first to enter!!!
First time for me!!😃😃
This prize is so coooool,
Thank you First News

snowyc · 1 week ago

What an amazing prize. Fingers crossed.

samkandoit · 1 week ago

I have always wanted to be an artist bows my chance! Good luck to everyonr

vandanavav · 7 days ago

I hope I win this competition because the prize is useful and amazing

catheaven · 7 days ago


arya · 7 days ago

I don't think they choose by reading the comments guys! 🤣
It's just a 'lucky dip'

arya · 7 days ago

Also the comments don't show up as soon as they're posted so everyone thinks they're the first to comment
It doesn't matter when or if you comment guys! 😅😅😅😅😅
Don't worry
Everyone has the same chance 😊

sophie.w · 6 days ago

Wow this is such a cool prize and I really hope I win. Fingers crossed🤞🤞🤞 and good luck everyone.

jakki123 · 6 days ago


han-han · 6 days ago

good morning, I have just signed in and I am very exited about everything. I've heard lots of good things about first news.

han-han · 6 days ago

good luck everyone

arya · 6 days ago

The stamps look really cool!
Also I LOVE glittered gel pens! Haha

freya2909 · 6 days ago

It would be cool if i won
My cat chewed my best pens last week so this would be a good replacement 😀🤩

hanson · 6 days ago

please me hope i win

books128 · 6 days ago

would LOVE to win this

sars251 · 5 days ago

I like this :)

proyiayia · 5 days ago

Would give Mum lots of peace and quiet over the summer holidays! A great prize to win. Thank you for the chance.

chopramk · 5 days ago

Amazing prize

izzyk7 · 5 days ago

Codeword Helix. Great prize and competition I hope that I win. IK

han-han · 5 days ago

my little sister was very exited when I told her I was entering this competition. Good luck everyone!!!

snipercop · 5 days ago

i love colouring and drawing so i think this is a great prize hope i win good luck tto everyone!

snipercop · 5 days ago

freya2909 realy!i love cats!

omangion · 5 days ago

This look like a great bundle! I hope I win!

mavwaff · 4 days ago

Cool prize,I have to say😊

octopus · 4 days ago

I really hope I win this as I would like to share it with my sister

codonnell · 4 days ago


sumby · 4 days ago

I reallly want this

dinojoshie · 4 days ago

Cool prize

jp2305 · 4 days ago

Amazing prize good luck everyone!!!

hanson · 4 days ago

i love maped and helix

123yay · 3 days ago

OMG This is such a great prize and i would love to win it for me and my brother and sister to enjoy whilst we are stuck at home during the summer holidays!!!! Good luck to everyone else entering!!!

123yay · 3 days ago

I would love to win and would be soooooo incredibly grateful if i get chosen

igama · 3 days ago

I love writing and coloring in

mjack83 · 3 days ago


mjack83 · 3 days ago

Good luck everyone

harrypgirl · 3 days ago

This prize is amazing

kmarczak1 · 3 days ago

Great to start school with

kmarczak1 · 3 days ago

Great prize

backbender · 3 days ago

Wow! I would absolutely love to win these as I love to draw and be creative! 🖊✏️🖌✒️❤️

mazza50 · 2 days ago

I love Helix stationary.

annastar05 · 2 days ago

Cool prize

catprinces · 2 days ago

Fab prize

dpanchal20 · 2 days ago


tlsea · 2 days ago


jupiter2 · 20 hours ago

This is awesome colour pens! Can I win this as it would be my first time winning something

jupiter2 · 20 hours ago

Thanks Arya you make me feel better. I mean way more better