A Games Bundle From Playmonster Games


Closes: 16th September 2021

We’ve teamed up with PlayMonster Games to offer six lucky readers the chance to win a brilliant games bundle!

Included in the bundle is Drone Home – the first ever game to feature a real drone! Enjoy this action game where there is a race to save your aliens and get them to safety. But watch out! Whilst you are waiting for the drone to lift off, other players can mess up your mission by knocking your alien out with their own! 

With Orangutwang, how much can you hang before he goes twaaang?! Take turns hanging fruit and jungle friends on the orangutan but watch out! At some point he’ll be holding too much and  he’ll spring up and send the fruit and friends flying.

Finally, in Silly Sounds everyone gets to make and guess the silly sound stuck on your headband! Making silly sounds is only half the fun, guessing them is the other half! Silly Sounds, the game you play with your ears!

To be in with a chance of winning, just answer this question:

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scarlett20 · 2 weeks ago

I like it

taby · 2 weeks ago

This prize looks fun

carisbrook · 2 weeks ago

just whats needed for the long winter nights

kristina10 · 2 weeks ago

Fabulous xx

lynwms121@ · 2 weeks ago

Fingers crossed.

raincloud0 · 2 weeks ago

Looks good

voltninja8 · 2 weeks ago

Not bad really

happy-girl · 2 weeks ago

Awesome prize

happy-girl · 2 weeks ago

I would love to win

7iron7 · 2 weeks ago


amyeelisa · 1 week ago

Who doesn’t like a silly sound

bastock51 · 1 week ago

Good old fashioned family fun.

xmummyof4x · 1 week ago

Fingers crossed 🤞 gla x

cleodurham · 1 week ago

These look like they’d be great fun

cannice95 · 1 week ago

What a fantastic prize finger's crossed x

usernamebe · 1 week ago


darren55cm · 1 week ago


darryl64 · 7 days ago

Looks like good fun times ahead if I was lucky enough to win?

scraps · 7 days ago

Family fun can't beat it 💥

jags · 7 days ago

Great prize

suen · 5 days ago

Another great competition.

mindymoo · 2 days ago

This is awsome

mitty2013 · 2 days ago

Love to win please

ericy3 · 2 days ago

I would love it.

jayden7 · 1 day ago

Me and my family can play all these games together and have lots of fun