A Dojo Battle Set from MGA Entertainment


Closes: 29th October 2020

We’ve teamed up with MGA Entertainment to give you the chance to win one of ten Dojo Battle™ electronic battle prizes.

Dojo Battle™ is the action-packed electronic battling game that lets you fight like a hi-tech ninja! Using Smart Strike Technology, Dojo Battle™ automatically detects and scores hits from only your Dojo Battle™ swords.

Challenge your friends in the best-of-three mode to see who comes out on top, then increase the difficulty setting on the chest armour – just one strike and you’re out! Each electronic chest plate makes real battle sounds and lights up whenever they detect a hit, and each sword is cushioned for safety.

You can even increase the teams up to 12 people, as all Dojo Battle™ sets work together, so you can join together for ninja battles with even more friends!

Available from Smyths in store and online

To be in with a chance of winning, just answer this question:

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nineacorns · 1 week ago

This looks so cool !!!

vadertanny · 1 week ago

Great comp

diamond220 · 1 week ago

This looks so awesome
Got to win this

awll · 1 week ago

It looks like it is actually real!
I think that it is a great prize to get.

caravanner · 1 week ago

Wow I so want to do a ninja roll across the floor with these !

chewy18 · 1 week ago

My brother would love this!

peterfrist · 1 week ago

hope I win

puppyzoo · 1 week ago

Sooooooo coooool!
This would be the best present for my brother ever!

basit123 · 1 week ago

this is aweasome

yofootball · 7 days ago


spiderguy · 7 days ago

I know right!!!

gymboy10 · 7 days ago

This looks so much fun to play with friends.

rainbowef · 7 days ago

These look like sooo much fun!!

exclamatin · 7 days ago

I really want this. So, I can play with my brother. Thanks for making this competition possible!

sallya10 · 7 days ago

Oooh this looks so coooool

sallya10 · 7 days ago


crystallv · 6 days ago

Yea nineacorns this looks sick I love it🤑

lumber11 · 6 days ago

wow COOL PRIZE! i would love to be picked! fingers crossed!

georgepigy · 6 days ago


kj1304 · 6 days ago

I absolutely adore ninjas, I have binged every series on ninjas I could find!!!

maxitoys · 5 days ago

Please can I win I tried my best last time and I did not win anything..... 😢

maxitoys · 5 days ago

My name is Mathea

finnpro · 5 days ago

I'd love to play this with my friend 🙂

yo_chops · 4 days ago


jammyd · 4 days ago

SOOO COOLL i would love to win for my friend.

tillytwo · 3 days ago

great fun

elibelly · 3 days ago

It is my brothers birthday and he really wants this so I hope I win 💓💓

greenfit · 3 days ago

Looks amazing

kmarczak1 · 2 days ago

Great competition