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A Bundle of Roblox Series 5


Closes: 22nd August 2019

ROBLOX fans will be excited about the new Series 5 range featuring iconic characters from the popular Roblox games.

Core figures starring legendary Roblox characters such as Sun Slayer and the playsets that feature hits such as Jailbreak will allows fans to recreate their favourite epic breakout scenes from the Bloxy Award-winning Roblox game.

Three lucky winners will each win five Roblox Mystery Figures, a Roblox Werewolf Multi Pack, a Roblox Jailbreak Playset plus a
Roblox Core Figure all from series 5.

To be in with a chance of winning, just answer this question:

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Don’t worry if you don’t win, as these Roblox toys are available from Smyths, Argos, The Entertainer, Tesco, Asda and Amazon.

*Prize includes toys from different Roblox series and ranges and may differ from images shown in competition.

© 2019 Roblox Corp. is a registered trademark.


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taby · 2 weeks ago

Great prize as always

venkatrp · 2 weeks ago

I love Roblox and I enjoy playing Jail break. Tanmay 8 years

rubikspark · 2 weeks ago

First to comment!
Im a BIG fan of Roblox and I hope I win!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good luck to everyone else who is participating!!!!

divam · 2 weeks ago

first to comment!!!!!!!!!!!

swim4life7 · 2 weeks ago

The prizes are so cool!! I really want to win this because it would be an amazing to win this so me and my brother can make mini movies with it!!

rights123 · 2 weeks ago

I love roblox and first news is always giving out brilliant prizes. It would mean a lot to my sister if I won this.😘

Sis comment:
I love roblox I go to sleep thinking about it and wake up thinking about it roblox means the world to me, and to win this would just make my day!


ilovechic · 2 weeks ago

You spelt which wrong

ilovechic · 2 weeks ago

It should be which not whic

katyalcc · 2 weeks ago

Now it's the summer holidays I'm always playing roblox and im such a huge fan! Please let me win because i never win at ANYTHING. A really great prize at usual

manners3 · 2 weeks ago



jooner3 · 1 week ago

My son loves Roblox he even has me playing the clown

meadwaym · 1 week ago

ilovechic That was really annoying me lol x

maggz19671 · 1 week ago


fraserquaz · 1 week ago

I love Roblox - good Luck everyone

badboyandy · 1 week ago

thank you

northwales · 1 week ago

i know a little boy would love this for xmas its never to early to start thanks for the fab giveaway god luck everyone

marionp1 · 1 week ago

Fab giveaway thanks fingers crossed to win

cakemaker8 · 6 days ago

I’m a big fan of Roblox although I wear default clothes I know my skins!

bob29 · 6 days ago

I love roblox but I sometimes can’t even climb up the stairs
This would be an awesome prize so please pick ME!

summer8 · 6 days ago

Please can I win it would be quite cool because I have not won any things from you and it is close to my birthday

katiepie · 6 days ago

i really want this


hocrawford · 5 days ago

Pls I want them Roblox goodies

amazeballs · 4 days ago

I hope I win!

74pandas · 2 days ago

Roblox is one of the best games ever.

carterrugb · 1 day ago

Me and my sister are massive Roblox fans....we would love to win xx

heh · 16 hours ago

I really want this!!!!!!!! 👀👀✨🤞

thank you First News for such fantastic opportunities!!!!!!!!!

kirstylea2 · 4 hours ago

Wow great prize for a young Roblox fan

kirstylea2 · 4 hours ago

Wowzers what a prize for a young Roblex fan