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A Brainstorm Space Bundle


Closes: 18th July 2019

Can you believe the first moon landing happened 50 years ago?

Brainstorm Toys have a wide range of space toys that will help you learn all about the moon and outer space.

My Very Own Moon can be attached to your wall. Using the remote control you can move through the phases of the moon to create a full moon that acts like a unique night light – any self respecting astronaut would love one of these!

The Space Explorer Room Projector transforms into a cool nebula light as well as projecting 24 NASA images onto your wall. Decorate your ceiling with the cool The Original Glow Stars Glow in the Dark Stickers – there are 1000 stars to create a unique galaxy in your bedroom.

Six lucky winners will each win a My Very Own Moon, Space Explorer Room Projector and the Original Glowstars Glow 1000 Pack.

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To be in with a chance of winning, just answer this question:

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beabea2007 · 2 weeks ago

I have always wanted one of these and I think it would go well in my room. I am also very into space so this is really cool and I love space I have lots of space items in my room. Please pick me I have never one before. Btw I love First News a lot. Xx

claracolth · 2 weeks ago

Can't wait to see if I win! xx

herobrian · 2 weeks ago

Good luck

wightbike · 2 weeks ago

This would veal you go well with my telescope

brothers2 · 2 weeks ago

I love space and want to be an astronaut

mufcisfab · 2 weeks ago

First news are awesome for giving us the chance to win this.

hman · 2 weeks ago

thanks first news. ive really learnt a lot from youre informative newspaper i would love to win this as i love to gaze at space and it would be amazing to do this at night

cotton77 · 2 weeks ago

This looks great!

taby · 2 weeks ago

Great prizes as always

hazza2323 · 2 weeks ago

Hi, I'd love to win! ☺️😎

sarasattar · 2 weeks ago

2nd to comment !

maevegall · 1 week ago


thehkh · 1 week ago

I love space. I am looking forward to see Appolo 11 (2019).

thehkh · 1 week ago

I love space. I am looking forward to see Apollo 11 (2019).

bob29 · 1 week ago

I hope I will win

sleepycat · 1 week ago

this would be an awesome prize and i absolutely love space it would be perfect for my room. And i love first news its really cool and amazing things are inside like pop stars and world savers!!!!!!!

ninjapug · 1 week ago

Please pick me as I have never ever won a prize but I always enter all the competitions.

lfcrules · 1 week ago

Looks Cool

pandafever · 1 week ago

I love these I have wanted one since I went to th space meuseum!

hotoffthe · 1 week ago

Great newspaper, actually interesting!

fromeboy3 · 1 week ago

I think this would look really nice in my room so I hop I win it. Thank you.

sx-101899 · 1 week ago

i don't know what to say

gogogirl09 · 1 week ago

Never won before
Please let me win

annieone · 1 week ago

I was always fascinated with space. I love all planets and find space so mesmerising.Every time I look up at the night sky I wonder what it would be like to be up there in space and looking down on Earth.So I really want to win the space bundle.

heh · 1 week ago

Good luck everyone!

Fingers crossed I win!

ellafidd · 1 week ago

I would really love one of these😖😎

mossifer · 6 days ago

Everything crossed