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This week on FYI: For Your Info, the weekly news show from Sky Kids, the team reveal that high levels of lead have been discovered in tap water at some schools, and you get your say on wearing face masks in lessons. Plus, there’s an insightful news explainer on why the National Health Service is facing a crisis, how it works and why it is so amazing.

Next week on FYI, we report on a new project to help make cycling an affordable, accessible sport for all of us. And our streets, parks and buildings are full of statues of historical figures, but some of them were involved in enslaving people from Africa hundreds of years ago – should the statues be removed?

Watch six films by six young climate activists from six different continents, here. The films, made with Sky Kids, deliver a powerful message about how climate change is already having an impact on their lives.

FYI is a weekly news show presented entirely by kids for kids. It aims to answer your big questions about news, current affairs and politics.
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