2016 Advent Calendar

24th December 2016

A Christmas message from the Editor of First News!

Editor in chief of First News Nicky Cox MBE wants to wish all First News… View More

  • 23rd December 2016

    A very Merry Christmas from Warwick Davis!

    Star Wars and Harry Potter superstar Warwick Davis has a very special message for First… View More

  • 22nd December 2016

    A cute Christmas tale, courtesy of Chester Zoo

    The CUTEST Christmas tale, courtesy of our animal-loving pals at Chester Zoo can be found… View More

  • 21st December 2016

    Some Christmas giggles!

    Some more festive giggles behind door number 21 of the First News Advent Calendar –… View More

  • 20th December 2016

    Behind-the-scenes look at the creatures of Rogue One

    Take a look behind the scenes at the creatures of Rogue One: A Star Wars… View More

  • 19th December 2016

    More Christmas in NUMBERS!

    Some more interesting festive facts behind door number thirteen of this week’s First News Advent Calendar!… View More

  • 18th December 2016

    Christmas record-breaking!

    Check out some festive record-breaking from inside Guinness World Record’s HQ behind door number eighteen… View More

  • 17th December 2016

    We promise we won’t let this dude steal your Christmas…

    A special Christmas message from the Grinch himself (all the way from Universal Studios in… View More

  • 16th December 2016

    Nick Kicks’ Rachel and Roman

    Nick Kicks’ Rachel and Roman would like to wish First News readers a very Merry… View More

  • 15th December 2016

    A Star Wars surprise behind door number 15!

    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story touches down in cinemas today (Thursday 15 December), and to… View More

  • 14th December 2016

    McFly’s Tom Fletcher has a Christmas surprise for you!

    Love The Christmasaurus? Well, the lovely Tom Fletcher has sent us a video of him reading… View More