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Growing Up In A War Zone

Child Refugees

We meet 9-year-old Judy who risked her life to go to school in Aleppo as it is bombarded by the Syrian government army who are fighting anti-government forces that control parts of Aleppo. We also travel to Lebanon and meet the children who escaped Syria to the safety of UNICEF refugee camps. But can they survive the harsh winter ahead?

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sarawalter · 1 month ago

I cant believe First News has been to Aleppo - you rock -Newsround doesn't even do this stuff. Judy is so sic she is brave - I hope she is ok now? there is a lot of fighting in Aleppo on the news, can you keep us updated on how she is, can I write to her?

sarawalter · 1 month ago

I can not believe the risks they take to survive. Watching the battle for aleppo on the news and just thinking that Judy is right there in the middle of it, hope she is ok?

supergirl9 · 3 weeks ago

I watched the video of Judy with my mummy. I am 9 like Judy and think it would be terrible to live like that. Poor Judy. I hope the war ends now.