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Syria’s Lost Generation

Child Refugees

Imagine never going to school and not being able to get a job. First News investigates the struggle to get Syria’s child refugees into the classroom.

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olivw · 3 months ago

so like a whole generation of children won't be educated! First News should go back to Jordan or Syria in ten years and see what became of these children -it might inspire more to be done to help refugees

doggies · 3 months ago

now I know how emotion and terrifying it must be and I would love to help these people

sarawalter · 2 months ago

I WILL NEVER MOAN ABOUT SCHOOL AGAIN! Why is more not being done to help Syrian children?It makes me want to be an aid worker when I leave school, or even a teacher in refugee camps. First News should go back and see if things have got better for them after these reports

Mae-Bush · 4 weeks ago

that is so sad me and sarawalter